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We need an app” is not a mobile strategy

At Flow Pilots, we believe that the smart use of mobile technologies will be a key driver in the success of modern companies. That is why we don’t just develop apps. We carefully design, build, deploy and manage the digital tools that help our customers increase revenues, decrease costs or bring freedom and flexibility to their employees.

We don’t build apps, we deliver real-time insights

Learn how Flow Pilots puts the performance of the largest call-centre in the country in real-time into the hands of its management.

We don’t build apps, we increase revenues

With an app like Shazam, a user can look up any song in a database of over 10 billion items in under 30 seconds. How come your sales rep doesn’t have the stock count of every product in your inventory at hand? Smart companies recognise that a good mobile strategy can be a major revenue driver.

We don’t build apps, we decrease costs

No matter what business you’re in, there’s always room for improvement. One of our customers put their paper documentation for medical conferences on iPads. With this simple move, they claim to save €150k in print costs. Smart companies recognise that a good mobile strategy can be used to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs.

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